Paul C. Booker, Ed.D.

Dr. Booker has served as the administrative director and co-founder of Haddonfield PsychManagement since 1985. He holds graduate degrees in psychology from New York University and Rutgers University. He obtained his doctorate in 1985 and is a licensed psychologist in the State of New Jersey. He has provided psychological evaluations and treatment services for over 30 years in a variety of settings to include private practices, health care agencies, and medical settings. Currently, he provides services primarily to adolescents and adults. Areas of specialization include anxiety, depression, trauma and abuse, marital and couples counseling, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, vocational and career counseling, and loss and grief.

Dr. Booker utilizes a direct and collaborative approach that is solution-oriented and goal directed. He subscribes to a cognitive-behavioral treatment model assisting those served in challenging disruptive beliefs and modifying troubling perspectives. He strives to provide a supportive treatment environment that is safe, comforting, and proactive.


Bruce T. Banford, Psy.D., FPPR, FICPP

Dr. Banford is co-founder and co-owner of Haddonfield PsychManagement, P.A. and has been a licensed Psychologist since 1986. He received his doctorate in Psychology from Pace University. His clients range from children and adolescents ages 10 to 18 and adults 18 and over.

Dr. Banford embraces an eclectic approach, utilizing cognitive-behavioral techniques, neuro-biological approaches and defense mechanisms in treating his patients. He has advanced training in psychopharmacology and works well with Primary Care Physicians, Pediatricians, and other medical professionals in coordinating appropriate medications when needed. Dr. Banford also performs psychoeducational assessments and attends IEP and 504 meetings for his patients. Dr. Banford teaches patients problem solving techniques as well as giving advice.


Donald K. Duffey, Ph.D.

Dr. Duffey is a New Jersey licensed psychologist, licensed marriage and family therapist, and certified addictions counselor providing a range of psychological services for over 30 years. Dr. Duffey completed his Ph.D. in psychology at Florida State University and worked in psychiatric, substance abuse, and university counseling settings.

He provides individual, couples, and family counseling for anxiety, depression, attention deficit, relationship, family, and substance abuse problems. He also provides psychological evaluations for many purposes, especially for police officer candidates.

Patients range from 10 years old and up.

He joined Haddonfield PsychManagement in 2003.

Dr. Duffey practices “practical psychology", by applying the most effective methods with support, warmth, and understanding. He accomplishes this by drawing primarily from client-centered, family systems and cognitive behavioral (CBT) therapies.

Melissa C. Stevens, Psy.D.

Dr. Stevens is a New Jersey licensed psychologist. Although a native of New Jersey/Pennsylvania areas, she received her Bachelor of Arts from Washington College in Chestertown, Maryland and her Masters and Doctorate of Psychology (Psy.D.) from the Chicago School of Professional Psychology in Chicago, Illinois. She spent her internship years working at various child development centers, hospitals, and schools, including Mt Sinai Hospital in Illinois. Dr. Stevens became licensed as a professional counselor while studying for the New Jersey State Licensure and worked as a drug and alcohol counselor in Pennsylvania. She became a member of the Haddonfield PsychManagement team in 2006 and has been seeing various clients since that time. Her clientele includes children aged 8-12, adolescents, adults, couples, and families.

Dr. Stevens has a background in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). Her approach aims to help individuals learn how to identify thought patterns and how they influence one's actions. The purpose of treatment is to help clients understand how negative thoughts can create destructive behaviors. She offers an individualized approach to each client and utilizes techniques that take into account each individuals' needs. Dr. Stevens commonly treats a wide range of disorders with CBT of which include, but not exhaustive to, depression, anxiety, attention deficit, mood disorders and phobias.


Jill Guggenheim, Ph.D.

Dr. Guggenheim is a New Jersey Licensed Clinical Psychologist and serves as a Staff Psychologist at Haddonfield PsychManagement. She completed her Ph.D. at Drexel University in Philadelphia, PA. Dr. Guggenheim has extensive training in evidence-based Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) and aims to help people identify how thought patterns affect feelings and ultimately, behaviors. She also teaches problem solving skills and has a passion f or helping those affected by a wide range of psychological disorders, including depression and anxiety. Dr. Guggenheim has provided psychological services in a variety of clinical setting including hospitals and outpatient clinics. Her patients range from 16 years old and up.

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